XL Royal Mona White Carnival

XL Royal Mona White Carnival
Item# xl-royal-mona-white-carnival

Product Description

Royal Mona Hijabs in new styles and larger size to meet the popular demand for the Mona Kuwaiti hijab

The Royal Mona Hijab features sequin dots on the hood and a extra long shawl in double knit chiffon for a nice neat looking wrap.

The mona kuwaiti has a hood that covers head and neck in fashion fabric patterns, and a wrap-around shawl with satin trim. The Mona hijab inspired by the popular Kuwaiti hijab is a 1-piece hijab made of high quality, lightweight Lycra fabric, with the shawl attached to one side of the hood making it quicker and easier to put on. Slip the hood on, pull the shawl under the chin and around the neck, and pin it on the other side.